Feriani Construction has been building GREEN long before GREEN was cool.  This is my definition of GREENGREEN is not some new product like bamboo flooring (which, by the way, is not such a great idea because it is not very durable).  GREEN is combining quality design, products, and workmanship to make your home, commercial project, or whatever you build, last and function efficiently for a long time (100-200 years) with a minimum of maintenance. 


  • The following are important GREEN and ENVIRONMENTALLY RESPONSIBLE concepts that I have integrated in every one of my building projects for the last 30 years.

  • ARCHITECTURAL DESIGN AND PLANNING to fit your building site, budget, and lifestyle.

    ENERGY EFFICIENCY achieved by “PROPER” orientation, shading, insulation, windows, heating and cooling systems.  Energy efficiency uses less energy and costs less to operate.

    DURABILITY:  I build homes to last 200 years.  Durability is quality workmanship and years of experience which are the keys to building a project that will last and require minimal maintenance.

Please contact me with any questions you may have about building a GREEN project.